Part-time Antiquarians

Season Premiere
July 26, 2015

I felt bad that Philip always ended up doing the adventure log, so I tried my hand at it. If I forgot something/got something wrong, let me know I will update it.
Players/Characters Absent: None

The party met each other during/after a brawl at the inn The Lucky Sparrow located in Passage, Aundair. The initial fight was provoked by Killian, who set about picking a fight with poor Georgie by insinuating Killian was, ahem, banging Georgie’s mother. Korda, Hannah, and Taern all joined in the initial fray. After the bouncer kicked out Georgie and his pals, a gnome made her presence known and announced that she would like to offer them a job. Saori, hearing the offer of work, joined in.

The Passage Museum wished to acquire two medallions and needed a crew to obtain the first medallion. The curator offered to pay them 2,000 GP with a third upfront. Whatever their reasons, everyone agreed to the offer.

Taern left to obtain mounts for those without while everyone else introduced themselves. The trip to Hawthorne Village was uneventful until they drew close to said village. There they were greeted by an old hermit, warning them that other adventurer’s had ventured into the manor, but few returned and none with treasure. He implied that the Hawthorne family was still within the manor as “no one ever saw them left.” He also shared three pieces of information he’d gathered from previous adventurer’s:

1.) There’s a key to the front door located in a maze.
2.) There’s a little girl in the graveyard looking for her dolly. One adventurer tried to give her one, and was told that it wasn’t the correct dolly.
3.) There’s a ghost in the gazebo looking for a specific piece of jewelry.

After learning what they could, the party entered the abandoned village at dusk. They decided to spend the night in the empty inn/tavern.

In the middle of the night Saori began chanting a refrain in her sleep: “Wheels turn. A balance of lives. Many shall rise.” Taern, Hannah, and Vin were the only ones to hear her.

The next morning, the party began their approach to the manor. The front door appeared to be guarded by two bronze statues wielding broadswords. Surmising that it was a trap, Killian attempted to disarm it, but instead set it off.

Saori fell out of a tree. (Okay, the branch broke, but still.)

Deciding they needed the key, the group attempted to locate the maze. They tried the western path first, which lead around to the back of the manor where the graveyard was located. Since they had neither the dolly nor the jewelry, the party retraced their steps and took the eastern path.

They came upon a hedge maze. Korda attempted to detect magic and told the party that she detected two magical auras within the maze, one of which appeared to be moving. Killian attempted to climb the hedges to determine a path, but it was too overgrown. The group headed into the maze, occasionally making wrong turns. Taern and Hannah spotted a wooden box hidden in the underbrush. Inside was a potion that Korda Identified as a type of healing potion that could reverse a disease or condition. There was also a note telling them that potion may be of help.

Eventually the party made it to the center of the maze. Atop a column sat a gargoyle with a key around its neck. Saori retrieved the key and put it on. Killian noticed an etching at the base of the column showing a map of the maze, which he took a rubbing of.

As they prepared to exit the center, a live gargoyle made its way to where they were. Once Hannah wrapped it up in a bear hug, it did not take long the group to bring the gargoyle down.

Note (Killian)
Unknown Healing Potion (Korda)
Key (Saori)

Next Session: August 16, 2015

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